Dakota, Piping Up Against Puppy Mills

May 11, 2013  •  3 Comments

My name is Dakota.  I'm not a puppy mill survivor, but I was rescued with puppy mill survivors by a puppy mill rescue group!  They were there to get me before I wasn't there to get...and I mean no longer existed!  I only had 30 minutes to live at a kill shelter...just 30 minutes!  The puppy mill rescue agreed to take me with them, so I give back by helping rescue dogs feel calm and safe, so my mommy can get wonderful photos of them and help them find their furever homes!  Life for homeless pets can be horrible.  There are no beds.  The food is bad.  There is no medical care...pups don't even know what that is until they are rescued.  There is no one to play with or just lay and watch TV.  No belly rubs or ear scratches or hugs.  I'm so glad so many rescue pets find their forever homes, but so many more never will because at a puppy and kitten mills, when they no longer make money for the breeder...they no longer exist...and life is tough on the streets...and shelters run out of room. Please spread the word to adopt from a shelter and NEVER buy a puppy or kitten from a store or on the internet.  Too many suffer for that cute puppy or kitty in the window.  ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!!

This is what my mommy had to say:  

30 Minutes! I learned something that makes 30 minutes very significant!! I found out that Dakota is not a puppy mill survivor! Oh, the puppy mill rescue saved her, and it is there that she found me, but her story is very different from most of the pups who arrive there. The puppy mill rescue works with a small rescue in MO who will assist with holding puppy mill survivors until the rescue can get there. The lady who runs this rescue will also go to the kill shelters in the area and see who is 'on the list'. That day in November, she found Dakota. She called the founder of the puppy mill rescue and told her there was a very sweet puppy at the shelter...and as the founder quoted to me, "It's 3pm. At 3:30pm, her number is up!" I will never be able to repay her for saying, "Yes, we can take one more!"...for saving my girl! For all of you who follow her story at the Mullis Pups, you know what a difference she has made in calming down scared rescue dogs, so we can get good photos of them. You have seen the video of her literally getting a traumatized pup (Cowboy), who wouldn't even eat, out of his shell and playing...in 10 minutes! She will help the pups feel calm and get the best photos, so these pups can find their furever families.

30 minutes! 30 minutes changed my life, changed the lives of many dogs, and maybe even changed your life!!


The first photo ever taken of Dakota when she arrived with her friend, Bella, at the rescue. Bella has a wonderful furever home too and her mommy also volunteers at the rescue!!


My first night in my furever home!


When I realized my mommy is a photographer...and what that means for me!


I did get to sit on this cool couch though!


Me and my new sister and brother, Morgan and Winston!


A lazy afternoon in the grass...which is really cool.  They don't have grass in shelters and puppy mills.


My first time playing in the snow!


My first Christmas...in my Christmas dress!


Me and Winston.  I just love him!


Me and my daddy.  I love him too!


Me and Winston again...we've both had about enough of the photos here.


My first dinner date with Luka.  My friend Amy took this photo of us!


I like fluffy stuff!


Me and Morgan.  She's a princess!

VPups130213-4-Edit-2 My first Valentine's Day!


My first St. Patrick's Day!


My first Easter.  Misha even got in on the fun.


Backpacking at Homestead Park.  See my little backpack!!  I carried my own treats!


Me at work.  A storm was coming, and I didn't think it was very funny to be outside!


Pearls and sparklies and purple!


Our ATV ride for Kyler Doonan's birthday!


I love my bubby!


My first Cinco de Mayo...not my favorite holiday...

Dakota130112-5-Edit Just me...cuz mommy and daddy love me that way!

This is my life now, but it could have been much different.  Thousands of pups just like me and all the pups at shelters and rescues live their entire lives in misery...and when they are no longer valuable or there is no room for them, they are killed.  But if they are lucky, they are saved by caring rescue groups and no-kill shelters.  You can help by speaking up against puppy mills, back yard breeders and animal abuse!!  Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate!  BE THAT SOMEBODY!


Dee Ann Henline(non-registered)
I love the Mullis Pups and so enjoy the pic's and all the adventures~~~Beautiful that have such a loving family~
I NEVER get tired of reading Dakota's story. She is a very special little ambassadog, and her mommy and daddy are very special too. Dakota has a wonderful happy family and I am so glad they are together.
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! These pictures of these dogs are absolutely beautiful... I love them. The dogs are gorgeous and I love the way Mom made it seem like the dogs were talking. I just did a similar type of thing with a pet cow that I have . I had to take her to Michigan State University to find out why she was limping and to have her hooves trimmed.
So I took pictures and made a little story out of it. But these pictures are just fantastic!!! What a great job!!!! I love it when dogs get adopted. I will love it even more if we are ever able to see Puppy Mills come to an end in our life time.
Miracles happen... They happen every day at the National Mill Dog Rescue!!!!! Thanks for that!!!!
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