Dogs of Peru

January 09, 2015  •  2 Comments

While taking the vacation of a lifetime to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and other historical locations, I noticed the dogs everywhere.  They ran the streets, relaxed in the parks, took cover in shops during the rain.  They could be found scouring mounds of trash for food, taking naps in busy tourist areas and hanging out with each other in packs.  Some had collars. Some had clothes.  Most had nothing at all.  Some needed grooming, some needed medical treatment, some were fine as they were.  Some were on leashes. Some peeked from windows.  Some were carried.  Most ran lose in small packs.  All were welcome in shops and buildings.  

We had read stories and advise to 'throw rocks at annoying stray dogs just as the locals do'.  We never saw a single dog having anything thrown at it.  In fact, all were treated nicely by strangers. People walked around them.  People petted them.  People dropped food for them.  Many of these dogs did have homes.  They ran free for the day and went home for dinner.  Some of these dogs were strays, but most appeared healthy for the most part. I was prepared for starving strays and vicious people.  I saw none of that.  I was only there for a week, and I was in common tourist areas, so maybe the rock throwing lunatics chasing after the starving dogs are in other areas, but thankfully for this dog lover, it did not happen for that week in Cusco and the Sacred Valley area.

The dogs of Peru.  They seem to belong to no one, and they seem to belong to everyone.

CuscoDogs-1-2854CuscoDogs-1-2854 CuscoDogs-2-2804CuscoDogs-2-2804 CuscoDogs-5-2807CuscoDogs-5-2807 CuscoDogs-6-2853CuscoDogs-6-2853 CuscoDogs-7-2808CuscoDogs-7-2808 CuscoDogs-8-2810CuscoDogs-8-2810 CuscoDogs-9-2809CuscoDogs-9-2809 CuscoDogs-10-2811CuscoDogs-10-2811 CuscoDogs-11CuscoDogs-11 CuscoDogs-12CuscoDogs-12 CuscoDogs-13CuscoDogs-13 CuscoDogs-14CuscoDogs-14 CuscoDogs-16CuscoDogs-16 CuscoDogs-18CuscoDogs-18 CuscoDogs-21CuscoDogs-21 CuscoDogs-23CuscoDogs-23 CuscoDogs-24-2860-2CuscoDogs-24-2860-2 CuscoDogs-25CuscoDogs-25 CuscoDogs-26CuscoDogs-26 CuscoDogs-28CuscoDogs-28 CuscoDogs-31CuscoDogs-31 CuscoDogs-32CuscoDogs-32 CuscoDogs-35CuscoDogs-35 CuscoDogs-38CuscoDogs-38 CuscoDogs-39CuscoDogs-39 CuscoDogs-40CuscoDogs-40 CuscoDogs-41CuscoDogs-41 CuscoDogs-44CuscoDogs-44 CuscoDogs-45CuscoDogs-45 CuscoDogs-47CuscoDogs-47 CuscoDogs-52CuscoDogs-52 CuscoDogs-55CuscoDogs-55 CuscoDogs-58CuscoDogs-58 CuscoDogs-59CuscoDogs-59 CuscoDogs-60CuscoDogs-60 CuscoDogs-61CuscoDogs-61 CuscoDogs-63CuscoDogs-63 CuscoDogs-64CuscoDogs-64 CuscoDogs-66CuscoDogs-66 CuscoDogs-67CuscoDogs-67 CuscoDogs-69CuscoDogs-69 CuscoDogs-72CuscoDogs-72 CuscoDogs-73CuscoDogs-73 CuscoDogs-75CuscoDogs-75 CuscoDogs-77CuscoDogs-77 CuscoDogs-80CuscoDogs-80 CuscoDogs-81-3149CuscoDogs-81-3149 CuscoDogs-83CuscoDogs-83 CuscoDogs-84CuscoDogs-84 CuscoDogs-85CuscoDogs-85 CuscoDogs-87CuscoDogs-87 CuscoDogs-88CuscoDogs-88 CuscoDogs-91CuscoDogs-91 CuscoDogs-92CuscoDogs-92 CuscoDogs-93CuscoDogs-93 CuscoDogs-94CuscoDogs-94 CuscoDogs-95CuscoDogs-95 CuscoDogs-96-3513CuscoDogs-96-3513 CuscoDogs-97-3514CuscoDogs-97-3514 CuscoDogs-98-3515CuscoDogs-98-3515 CuscoDogs-100-3516CuscoDogs-100-3516 CuscoDogs-101-3517CuscoDogs-101-3517 CuscoDogs-103-3518CuscoDogs-103-3518 CuscoDogs-104-3519CuscoDogs-104-3519 CuscoDogs-105-3520CuscoDogs-105-3520 CuscoDogs-107-3522CuscoDogs-107-3522 CuscoDogs-109-3523CuscoDogs-109-3523 CuscoDogs-111CuscoDogs-111 CuscoDogs-112CuscoDogs-112 CuscoDogs-113CuscoDogs-113 CuscoDogs-114CuscoDogs-114 CuscoDogs-115CuscoDogs-115 CuscoDogs-116CuscoDogs-116 CuscoDogs-117CuscoDogs-117 CuscoDogs-118CuscoDogs-118 CuscoDogs-120CuscoDogs-120 CuscoDogs-121CuscoDogs-121 CuscoDogs-123CuscoDogs-123 CuscoDogs-124CuscoDogs-124 CuscoDogs-133CuscoDogs-133 CuscoDogs-134CuscoDogs-134 CuscoDogs-135CuscoDogs-135 CuscoDogs-137-2CuscoDogs-137-2 CuscoDogs-138-2CuscoDogs-138-2 CuscoDogs-139-2CuscoDogs-139-2 CuscoDogs-140-2CuscoDogs-140-2 CuscoDogs-141-2CuscoDogs-141-2 CuscoDogs-142-2CuscoDogs-142-2 CuscoDogs-143-2CuscoDogs-143-2 CuscoDogs-145-2CuscoDogs-145-2 CuscoDogs-147-2CuscoDogs-147-2 CuscoDogs-148-2CuscoDogs-148-2 CuscoDogs-150-2CuscoDogs-150-2 Peru140410-114-3512Peru140410-114-3512 Peru140410-182-3521Peru140410-182-3521 CuscoDogs-19CuscoDogs-19


Donna Poole(non-registered)
Why can't it be like this in every country? Everyone, everything getting along peacefully, no cruelty. Beautiful beautiful photos.
Loretta Greene(non-registered)
You captured the beauty, sadness, and happiness of their everyday living. They are so laid back but yet cautious. I guess curious is one way to describe them. How some them blend in with the buildings is unbelievable! Thank you for sharing these pictures. Would love to see what you took of the countryside.
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