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The world can be a scary place.The world can be a scary place.

The world is a scary place.


So scary that it seems impossible to move forward.


Meeting strangers can be terrifying.


But sometimes, you meet new friends who are willing to wait till you are ready.


No matter how long it takes.


They will stand back and give you the time to figure it all out.


To meet the scary world in your own time.


You'll meet new friends who will show you kindness.


New friends who will be with you every step of the way.


New friends who will give you time to breath...


New friends who will cheer you on.


New friends who will provide a tender touch of understanding.


New friends who will give you the courage you need.


New friends who will be there when you are down.


New friends who will give you the comfort and security you need in that moment.


New friends who will give you the encouragement to continue and lift you up.


New friends to make you comfortable in a new place.


New friends to love you.


New friends who will do it all just to see you raise your head and smile...

...and you might just decide this new life is going be a good thing.


Bob was fostered for a month and adopted into a loving home!
























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Dogs of Peru http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/dogs-of-peru While taking the vacation of a lifetime to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and other historical locations, I noticed the dogs everywhere.  They ran the streets, relaxed in the parks, took cover in shops during the rain.  They could be found scouring mounds of trash for food, taking naps in busy tourist areas and hanging out with each other in packs.  Some had collars. Some had clothes.  Most had nothing at all.  Some needed grooming, some needed medical treatment, some were fine as they were.  Some were on leashes. Some peeked from windows.  Some were carried.  Most ran lose in small packs.  All were welcome in shops and buildings.  

We had read stories and advise to 'throw rocks at annoying stray dogs just as the locals do'.  We never saw a single dog having anything thrown at it.  In fact, all were treated nicely by strangers. People walked around them.  People petted them.  People dropped food for them.  Many of these dogs did have homes.  They ran free for the day and went home for dinner.  Some of these dogs were strays, but most appeared healthy for the most part. I was prepared for starving strays and vicious people.  I saw none of that.  I was only there for a week, and I was in common tourist areas, so maybe the rock throwing lunatics chasing after the starving dogs are in other areas, but thankfully for this dog lover, it did not happen for that week in Cusco and the Sacred Valley area.

The dogs of Peru.  They seem to belong to no one, and they seem to belong to everyone.

CuscoDogs-1-2854CuscoDogs-1-2854 CuscoDogs-2-2804CuscoDogs-2-2804 CuscoDogs-5-2807CuscoDogs-5-2807 CuscoDogs-6-2853CuscoDogs-6-2853 CuscoDogs-7-2808CuscoDogs-7-2808 CuscoDogs-8-2810CuscoDogs-8-2810 CuscoDogs-9-2809CuscoDogs-9-2809 CuscoDogs-10-2811CuscoDogs-10-2811 CuscoDogs-11CuscoDogs-11 CuscoDogs-12CuscoDogs-12 CuscoDogs-13CuscoDogs-13 CuscoDogs-14CuscoDogs-14 CuscoDogs-16CuscoDogs-16 CuscoDogs-18CuscoDogs-18 CuscoDogs-21CuscoDogs-21 CuscoDogs-23CuscoDogs-23 CuscoDogs-24-2860-2CuscoDogs-24-2860-2 CuscoDogs-25CuscoDogs-25 CuscoDogs-26CuscoDogs-26 CuscoDogs-28CuscoDogs-28 CuscoDogs-31CuscoDogs-31 CuscoDogs-32CuscoDogs-32 CuscoDogs-35CuscoDogs-35 CuscoDogs-38CuscoDogs-38 CuscoDogs-39CuscoDogs-39 CuscoDogs-40CuscoDogs-40 CuscoDogs-41CuscoDogs-41 CuscoDogs-44CuscoDogs-44 CuscoDogs-45CuscoDogs-45 CuscoDogs-47CuscoDogs-47 CuscoDogs-52CuscoDogs-52 CuscoDogs-55CuscoDogs-55 CuscoDogs-58CuscoDogs-58 CuscoDogs-59CuscoDogs-59 CuscoDogs-60CuscoDogs-60 CuscoDogs-61CuscoDogs-61 CuscoDogs-63CuscoDogs-63 CuscoDogs-64CuscoDogs-64 CuscoDogs-66CuscoDogs-66 CuscoDogs-67CuscoDogs-67 CuscoDogs-69CuscoDogs-69 CuscoDogs-72CuscoDogs-72 CuscoDogs-73CuscoDogs-73 CuscoDogs-75CuscoDogs-75 CuscoDogs-77CuscoDogs-77 CuscoDogs-80CuscoDogs-80 CuscoDogs-81-3149CuscoDogs-81-3149 CuscoDogs-83CuscoDogs-83 CuscoDogs-84CuscoDogs-84 CuscoDogs-85CuscoDogs-85 CuscoDogs-87CuscoDogs-87 CuscoDogs-88CuscoDogs-88 CuscoDogs-91CuscoDogs-91 CuscoDogs-92CuscoDogs-92 CuscoDogs-93CuscoDogs-93 CuscoDogs-94CuscoDogs-94 CuscoDogs-95CuscoDogs-95 CuscoDogs-96-3513CuscoDogs-96-3513 CuscoDogs-97-3514CuscoDogs-97-3514 CuscoDogs-98-3515CuscoDogs-98-3515 CuscoDogs-100-3516CuscoDogs-100-3516 CuscoDogs-101-3517CuscoDogs-101-3517 CuscoDogs-103-3518CuscoDogs-103-3518 CuscoDogs-104-3519CuscoDogs-104-3519 CuscoDogs-105-3520CuscoDogs-105-3520 CuscoDogs-107-3522CuscoDogs-107-3522 CuscoDogs-109-3523CuscoDogs-109-3523 CuscoDogs-111CuscoDogs-111 CuscoDogs-112CuscoDogs-112 CuscoDogs-113CuscoDogs-113 CuscoDogs-114CuscoDogs-114 CuscoDogs-115CuscoDogs-115 CuscoDogs-116CuscoDogs-116 CuscoDogs-117CuscoDogs-117 CuscoDogs-118CuscoDogs-118 CuscoDogs-120CuscoDogs-120 CuscoDogs-121CuscoDogs-121 CuscoDogs-123CuscoDogs-123 CuscoDogs-124CuscoDogs-124 CuscoDogs-133CuscoDogs-133 CuscoDogs-134CuscoDogs-134 CuscoDogs-135CuscoDogs-135 CuscoDogs-137-2CuscoDogs-137-2 CuscoDogs-138-2CuscoDogs-138-2 CuscoDogs-139-2CuscoDogs-139-2 CuscoDogs-140-2CuscoDogs-140-2 CuscoDogs-141-2CuscoDogs-141-2 CuscoDogs-142-2CuscoDogs-142-2 CuscoDogs-143-2CuscoDogs-143-2 CuscoDogs-145-2CuscoDogs-145-2 CuscoDogs-147-2CuscoDogs-147-2 CuscoDogs-148-2CuscoDogs-148-2 CuscoDogs-150-2CuscoDogs-150-2 Peru140410-114-3512Peru140410-114-3512 Peru140410-182-3521Peru140410-182-3521 CuscoDogs-19CuscoDogs-19

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Timid Trudy, Home at Last! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/timid-trudy-home-at-last Trudy found her forever home today!!  Her new mommy flew all the way from Pennsylvania to adopt her.  While following Lil Olive and Sophie, the Shy Mill Girl, Trudy's mommy came across her photo thru a link for another dog featured on their pages.  She fell in love right away!  With the help of Lil Olive's mom and Sophie's mom, Trudy will now be living a wonderful life with other Iggy siblings.  You can follow her adventures on her Facebook page at Timid Trudy, Free at Last!!



Lil Olive:  I have the tissues for you!

Trudy-2Trudy-2 Trudy's new mommy:  I can't wait!

Trudy-3Trudy-3 Keep your eyes closed!

Trudy-4Trudy-4 Here comes Trudy with Ms. Kim!

Trudy-6Trudy-6 Love at first sight!  This is the first time Ms. Marilyn actually saw her Trudy!

Trudy-5Trudy-5 Trudy-7Trudy-7 Trudy-8Trudy-8 A first touch...

Trudy-9Trudy-9 A first kiss...

Trudy-10Trudy-10 A forever love!

Trudy-17Trudy-17 Trudy-18Trudy-18 One happy new mom!

Trudy-20Trudy-20 One happy free pup.

Trudy-21Trudy-21 A puppy mill survivor who trusts her new mom enough to sit calmly in her lap after only knowing her less than an hour!

Trudy-22Trudy-22 Three friends brought together by dogs.  Lil Olive and her mom, Trudy and her mom and Sophie and her mom!


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The Future of Rescue Photography http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/the-future-of-rescue-photography The future of rescue photography is in our youth.  Inspiring and teaching young photographers to, not only improve their talent, but use it to help save lives is a great honor.  Dr. Carl Howard, who himself is the proud dad of a puppy mill survivor, brought the Shutterbug photography club of Challenger Middle School, D20, to the National Mill Dog Rescue to learn about rescue photography.

The kids were very enthusiastic and enjoyed learning about the difference in photographing puppy mill survivors from photographing their own pets.  In the studio, they learned about lighting and posing the dogs, how to get their attention, and what makes a great photo that will make someone want to adopt the dog.  We also went outside where we talked about depth of field and the importance of also paying attention to what is in the background.  Each student had the opportunity to photograph some dogs and spend time with them...the dogs learning to trust the kids and the kids learning that every life is worth saving!



The Challenger Middle School Shutterbug Club!


Practicing with Dakota.


Learning trust and the importance of spending a little time with the dogs without the camera.


Photographing a puppy mill survivor...with a little help from Dakota.


The session never ends with the camera...it ends will love!


A future rescue photographer...and Dakota!


How great is rescue photography??  This great!!


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Photographing Puppy Mill Survivors http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/2/photographing-puppy-mill-survivors My passion is dog rescue and being a rescue photographer enables me to showcase these wonderful rescued pups...to show the dogs they can be...the dogs that I see.  I'm often asked how rescue photography differs from pet photography...it seems the same...photos of dogs...but its very different.  Don't get me wrong.  Pet photography is a style of photography all its own with its own challenges, but most pets know at least a few commands.  Most are comfortable with humans and their environments.  Most are not afraid.   Once I give that explanation, I'm asked how I can stand to do rescue photography without being sad all the time.

I photograph for the National Mill Dog Rescue.  Our dogs are puppy mill survivors.  Dogs who have lived their entire lives in horrible conditions, eating poor quality food in minimal amounts, living in small cages or filthy pens.  They have likely never had medical care or any form of grooming and if they did have contact with humans, it was harsh and mean.  Many lived in near darkness most of the time.  Some have lost eyes, feet, legs...some arrive with tumors and rotted teeth.  We see 5 year old dogs who are missing all their teeth...sometimes their lower jaws...and are blind or nearly so.  These are the parents of the cute puppies in pet stores and internet puppy sales.  These are the forgotten money makers...the worn out souls who no longer earn their keep...be it ever so horrid.  The National Mill Dog Rescue takes them all.  The young and old, well and sick, sighted and blind, four, three and two legged.  We feed them good food, give them their first warm beds, provide the much needed medical care and most of all, we love them.  

I get to take what are likely their first 'glamour' shots.  The first photos after our awesome grooming team cleans away the dirt, trims away the matted, tangled hair, soaks away the stains on their feet from years living on a rusty, wire floor.  They make them beautiful for the photos that will help them find a forever home.


When you photograph a puppy mill survivor, you learn extreme patience.  You learn to speak very softly.  You learn to wait for the right moment.  You learn that a few minutes of quiet time with a friendly dog may make a world of difference, so I bring my girl, Dakota, to help calm these lost souls.  She shows them there is nothing to fear here.  It requires dedicated assistants, who learn to calm and comfort a terrified pup.  They know how to pose them just right and be near enough to make them feel safe, but far enough to be out of the light.  They gently carry these survivors to and from their new temporary homes...all the while whispering reassuring words to them.  They do not understand the words, but they understand the tone.  


All dogs are different and that holds true for puppy mill survivors. Some are very curious about the camera lens, others fear it worse than anything else in the room...shift to the 70-200mm and sit back far.  Some will perk up and look toward a new sound, others will startle and run to the human they just avoided for comfort.  Some will stand nicely, others only lay, others are only comfortable snuggled in a pillow.  Some will tilt their heads all cute.  Others will barely look toward the camera and you better be fast on the shutter to capture that fleeting moment.  For some, we are lucky to get a good head shot and others will have a whole gallery of beautiful photos, including being dressed up in cute outfits.

Cotton-14Cotton-14 Garland-14Garland-14

What is the difference?  Worlds...lifetimes...the best and worst of humanity.  How can I do it?  How can I not?  I've cried while photographing a blind dog finding her way around a new world, and I've laughed at a friendly Pomeranian in little pink shoes.  I'm devastated at the loss of a sweet girl two days after I took her photos, who only knew 5 days of freedom, and I'm on top of the world when it's one of my photos who finds a sweet Iggy a new home halfway across the country...and he goes on to become a spokesdog against puppy mills.  

Dobby-EditDobby-Edit Haylie-SM-10Haylie-SM-10 Ziva-120908-6Ziva-120908-6

Photographing puppy mill survivors is the best 'job' in the world, and I get paid in hundreds of puppy kisses, which are worth way more than gold!!


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Porter, A Rehab Dog http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/porter-a-rehab-dog October 15, 2013:  Porter was rescued from a puppy mill where he had spent his entire life.  Porter was never socialized or loved, and he is an insecure, timid dog, who bites.  Port is in the Rehab Program, and he is my assigned dog.  Our session started with carefully putting a leash on him...a task, since he wouldn't let me touch him without trying to bite.  He leads very well for a pup new to the whole idea.  I lead him out of the kennel and began by walking him to a secure outdoor area.  This was the first time he had been outside since his arrival...maybe in his whole life!  We would walk a bit, then I would stand beside him, bend down, say 'touch' and starting at his back, pet him, working forward.  I started using the word 'touch' so he knows what to expect.  By the end of the hour, we had been all around out front and into the socialization area, where we took a break to relax on the couch.  He also let me pick him up, which is a huge show of trust for him.  To end the session, I lead him back into the kennel and rubbed his shoulders while removing the leash.  We ended on a positive note.  Before leaving for the day, I visited him and got a nose touch on my hand...I think he likes me!

PorterPorterPorter, A Future Lap Dog!

UPDATE 12/28/13:  Porter had made great progress!  We thought he had found a home, but it ended up not being a good match for him.  He has improved by leaps and bounds though!  He has done so well during our sessions at the kennel, that I brought him home for a couple days to work with him outside the noisy kennel environment.  He has done great!!  He stays with the pack, walks like a champ on a leash, will go into his crate when told and sleeps thru the night, uses the stairs, has only had one accident inside (and to be fair, it was near the door), rides really well in a car, is napping soundly at my feet as I type this, and he went on his first hike ever with the Mullis Pups!!

PorterHiking in Homestead Ranch Park, CO. PorterHike131228-22PorterHike131228-22 PorterHike131228-15-2103PorterHike131228-15-2103 PorterHike131228-48PorterHike131228-48 PorterHike131228-43PorterHike131228-43 PorterHike131228-51PorterHike131228-51 PorterHike131228-67-2105PorterHike131228-67-2105 PorterHike131228-71PorterHike131228-71 PorterHike131228-76PorterHike131228-76 PorterHike131228-81PorterHike131228-81 PorterHike131228-98PorterHike131228-98

Porter needs a calm, patient person, who has the time to spend with him on a daily basis to help him get over his fears.  He will need a strong leader in his new family to give him the confidence he needs to be the great dog he was born to be and will do best with children over 12 years old.  

With just a little bit of work, he is going to make someone the best, most loyal pup...a true best friend.  If you know anyone interested in adopting Porter, please have them visit the National Mill Dog Rescue website and complete an application...it will be the best investment they will ever make!!

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Leroy, A Puppy Mill Survivor!! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/leroy-the-ore-pei Leroy is a 2 year old, 31lb Ori Pei.  An Ori Pei is a cross between a Shar Pei and a Pug.  They were originally breed to try to correct some of the genetic issues found in the Shar Pei breed...but Leroy doesn't care anything about this.  This is what he knows...he turned 2 years old on 1 Sept 13.  He had lived his whole life in a puppy mill as a breeding dog.  He was rescued on Lola's Legacy Rescue.  When he arrived at the rescue, he was covered in ticks, and he has scars from years of ticks and fighting.  He met some really great people and they cleaned him all up.  He loves everybody and all dogs.  He went to a foster home with the Mullis Pups.  His new foster sister, Dakota, taught him how to play with other dogs and with toys.  He learned about stairs, which are scary, but he can do both deck stairs and carpeted stairs too!  He learned that sleeping in his crate isn't so bad as long as the door is open, but he now sleeps in his very own bed with a warm blanket, and he enjoys sleeping all night long.  He's house trained already and uses a doggie door!  He learned to walk on a leash and found that he's much better at it than his foster brother and sister, Winston and Morgan.  He loves to snuggle, give kisses and sitting in a humans lap is pretty cool.  Grass is fun and flowers tickle his nose.  He loves to go hiking and wears a backpack like his foster siblings.  He's learned that life is good when you're free and someone loves you!  

Leroy was adopted by the Mullis Pups in October 2013.  Please say hello to Leroy Walter Mullis!


Arrival at the rescue!

Leroy-32 Leroy-23 Leroy-20

Leroy and his sister, Dakota.

Leroy Leroy-27 Leroy-26 Leroy-28 Leroy-34 Leroy-19 Leroy-35

Leroy and his sisters, Morgan and Dakota.


Leroy-12Leroy-12 Leroy-10Leroy-10

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Leroy, Becoming a New Dog! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/leroy-becoming-a-new-dog When a dog is rescued from a puppy mill, they rarely have a name.  Different rescues have different procedures.  This is one dog's adventure into freedom!  At intake, each dog gets their very own name, official photo, vet care and necessary grooming.  I followed an Ori Pei, who is now named Leroy, thru this process. This was part of the Lola Legacy Rescue, in honor of little Lola, so all the volunteers were dressed in their finest 'sparkly' outfits.


First the volunteer selects a dog to take thru the process.


They spend some time with the dog until it is their turn.


Each dog is carried thru the kennel area to keep the others calm.


At the 'naming' area, the volunteer waits their turn and uses that time to decide on a name for their pup.


The pups wait too.


They are then presented to the Queen!  Actually, Leroy got a little nosey to see his new paperwork.


Then it's off to have their official photo taken. 


Then off to the grooming area to have their nails checked...


...and any unwanted passengers, like ticks, removed.


Then off to a nice bath, if needed.


Leroy was not excited about this...


...apparently Ori Pei's don't like water...


...or silly men!


After a lovely bath, it's into the staging line for vetting.

Intake130714-114Intake130714-114 Lee, the One and Only had to wait too!


This can be a scary experience for a pup who never had vet care before.


Oh wait, what's that!!  Their temperature is taken.  Leroy is a good 100.4.


Their weight is taken.  Leroy is 31.4lbs.


They are given de-wormer.


Their annual shots and checked for heart worm.


They have their teeth checked.  Leroy is less than 2 years old, so his teeth are still in good shape.


And get a dose of Frontline to fight off those pesky critters.


Once that is done, it's back to their new rooms at the inn to awaiting their forever families!


Leroy wasn't exactly happy to have his new friend leave...even if he was silly.


Update:  That silly man adopted Leroy into his family...Leroy is now one of the Mullis Pups!!


What a difference a year makes!!

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Lola's Legacy Rescue Arrives! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/lolas-legacy-rescue-arrivals On 13 July 2013, a total of 84 dogs were rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue during Lola's Legacy Rescue, including Leroy!!  Here are a few photos of the lucky pups arriving at Lily's Haven!

13 July 2014 UPDATE:  All but one pup has been adopted from this rescue.  Little Joey Roberts is still available for adoption:


LolaLegacy130713-8 LolaLegacy130713-23 LolaLegacy130713-15 LolaLegacy130713-40 LolaLegacy130713-36 LolaLegacy130713-45 LolaLegacy130713-57 LolaLegacy130713-59 LolaLegacy130713-64 LolaLegacy130713-90 LolaLegacy130713-94 LolaLegacy130713-93 LolaLegacy130713-97 LolaLegacy130713-103 LolaLegacy130713-106 LolaLegacy130713-112 LolaLegacy130713-115 LolaLegacy130713-116 LolaLegacy130713-117 LolaLegacy130713-124 LolaLegacy130713-128 LolaLegacy130713-131 LolaLegacy130713-136 LolaLegacy130713-132 LolaLegacy130713-142 LolaLegacy130713-138 LolaLegacy130713-144 LolaLegacy130713-145 LolaLegacy130713-147 LolaLegacy130713-149 LolaLegacy130713-150 LolaLegacy130713-152 LolaLegacy130713-156 LolaLegacy130713-158 LolaLegacy130713-163 LolaLegacy130713-169 LolaLegacy130713-167 LolaLegacy130713-171 LolaLegacy130713-173 LolaLegacy130713-176

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Dobby is Adopted!! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/dobbie-is-adopted Dobby found his forever family today!!  His new mommy and daddy came all the way from Connecticut to get him!!  What a great family he found too!  After watching him from afar thru photos on the National Mill Dog Rescue website and fan page and sending him his very own collar, his mommy finally just had to bring him into her family.  So they arranged an out-of-state adoption, flew to Colorado and drove him all the way back to his new forever home!  You can follow his adventures on his very own fan page, All Things Dobby!


Meeting mommy.

DobbyAdopt-sam-12-Edit DobbyAdopt-sam-16-Edit DobbyAdopt-sam-18-Edit

Dobby with his new mommy and daddy!



Dobby's first 'glamour shot'.


Dobby when he arrived.

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Rookie, A Death Row Dog http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/rookie-a-death-row-dog UPDATE:  Rookie lives a life of luxury and hikes in Vail as a permanent member of Team Leo Animal Rescue!!  

This is Rookie.  He was rescued from a high kill facility in Arizona.  After delivering dogs rescued from puppy mills to an AZ rescue, the team decided to not return home empty handed, so they found the high kill shelter and rescued four pups that were on the 'list' for the next day or two.  Rookie, along with our foster dog, Shyla, made the trip to NMDR to freedom and safety.  Rookie may look tough because someone was so insensitive as to crop his ears...probably to fit an image they were trying to set...but he's a big sweet heart.  The most danger we faced with him was damage to our cameras as he flew by to catch his ball!!  Rookie so deserves an active family that will love him and treat him with kindness instead of using him as a status symbol and throwing him away when the fashion changes.  Please share his story and help his forever family find him!

Rookie-sam-30-Edit Rookie-sam-Edit Rookie-sam-35-Edit Rookie-sam-24-Edit Rookie-sam-26-Edit Rookie-sam-23-Edit Rookie-sam-31-Edit Rookie-sam-37-Edit Rookie-sam-36-Edit Rookie-sam-39-Edit Rookie-sam-40-Edit

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Asher & Avie Visit The Mullis Pups! http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/asher-avie-visit-the-mullis-pups Morgan's brother, Asher, and his sister, Avie, came for a visit and hike!  After playing in the yard for a bit, the whole gang went to Homestead Park for a nice hike and run thru a field.  This was Asher's first time off leash!  He did really well.  Winston, Morgan, Asher and Avie spent time hunting moles while Dakota discovered butterflies!  All were very tired and enjoy some puppy ice cream after the hike.  It was a great day!!

Visit our page here!

MorganPupPlay130519-19 Winston and Angelique chatting.PupPlay130519-26 Morgan and AsherPupPlay130519-71 Avie and AsherPupPlay130519-36 Morgan and Asher playing.PupPlay130519-40 Avie and Morgan playing.PupPlay130519-67 Morgan and her foster dad, Chris.PupPlay130519-73 Dakota and Asher playing.PupPlay130519-68 PupPlay130519-74 PupPlay130519-77 The hike begins!PupPlay130519-79 Look at that tonque!PupPlay130519-86 Morgan and Asher getting a drink.PupPlay130519-109 TherePupPlay130519-121 Asher digging to China!PupPlay130519-126 Running free!PupPlay130519-129 WherePupPlay130519-135 There she is!PupPlay130519-132 Bat Dog!PupPlay130519-154 Crazy Bat Dog!PupPlay130519-145 You lookinPupPlay130519-165 One happy boy!PupPlay130519-167 Whatcha found there, Dakota?PupPlay130519-163 Water conservation at itPupPlay130519-162 The little girl needs a drink.PupPlay130519-159 See if you can keep up, bro!PupPlay130519-172 Did you find the mole, Asher?PupPlay130519-177 Watching the kids as a storm passes.PupPlay130519-170 On the hunt for butterflies...and rock toads!PupPlay130519-178 Heading back.PupPlay130519-189 The gang!  Asher, Avie, Dakota, Morgan and Winston.  Avie and Winston were the only ones paying attention!PupPlay130519-179


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Mullis Pups Mother's Day Hike http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/mullis-pups-mothers-day-hike We took mommy on a hike for Mother's Day.  She loves to hike, so it was the best gift for her.  We went to a place called Skeleton Ridge near Woodland Park, CO.  Here's some photos from our adventure:

Start of the hikeMDHike130512-16 Stop for a drink.MDHike130512-8 Flowers for Mommy.MDHike130512-22 Old chimney...really cool.MDHike130512-37 Having fun backpacking!MDHike130512-27 Lunch break!MDHike130512-40 On the trail together!MDHike130512-43 What?MDHike130512-48 Really?MDHike130512-49 Hanging around MDHike130512-46 Relaxing afternoon!MDHike130512-51 Such a handsome boy!MDHike130512-53 Peek-a-dog!MDHike130512-58 I see you!MDHike130512-56 More flowers for mommy!MDHike130512-20 Heading back!MDHike130512-1 Morgan, Mommy, Winston & Dakota!MDHike130512-60-Edit MDHike130512-63 MDHike130512-68 MDHike130512-65 MDHike130512-31_HDR


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Dakota, Piping Up Against Puppy Mills http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/dakota-piping-up-against-puppy-mills My name is Dakota.  I'm not a puppy mill survivor, but I was rescued with puppy mill survivors by a puppy mill rescue group!  They were there to get me before I wasn't there to get...and I mean no longer existed!  I only had 30 minutes to live at a kill shelter...just 30 minutes!  The puppy mill rescue agreed to take me with them, so I give back by helping rescue dogs feel calm and safe, so my mommy can get wonderful photos of them and help them find their furever homes!  Life for homeless pets can be horrible.  There are no beds.  The food is bad.  There is no medical care...pups don't even know what that is until they are rescued.  There is no one to play with or just lay and watch TV.  No belly rubs or ear scratches or hugs.  I'm so glad so many rescue pets find their forever homes, but so many more never will because at a puppy and kitten mills, when they no longer make money for the breeder...they no longer exist...and life is tough on the streets...and shelters run out of room. Please spread the word to adopt from a shelter and NEVER buy a puppy or kitten from a store or on the internet.  Too many suffer for that cute puppy or kitty in the window.  ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!!

This is what my mommy had to say:  

30 Minutes! I learned something that makes 30 minutes very significant!! I found out that Dakota is not a puppy mill survivor! Oh, the puppy mill rescue saved her, and it is there that she found me, but her story is very different from most of the pups who arrive there. The puppy mill rescue works with a small rescue in MO who will assist with holding puppy mill survivors until the rescue can get there. The lady who runs this rescue will also go to the kill shelters in the area and see who is 'on the list'. That day in November, she found Dakota. She called the founder of the puppy mill rescue and told her there was a very sweet puppy at the shelter...and as the founder quoted to me, "It's 3pm. At 3:30pm, her number is up!" I will never be able to repay her for saying, "Yes, we can take one more!"...for saving my girl! For all of you who follow her story at the Mullis Pups, you know what a difference she has made in calming down scared rescue dogs, so we can get good photos of them. You have seen the video of her literally getting a traumatized pup (Cowboy), who wouldn't even eat, out of his shell and playing...in 10 minutes! She will help the pups feel calm and get the best photos, so these pups can find their furever families.

30 minutes! 30 minutes changed my life, changed the lives of many dogs, and maybe even changed your life!!


The first photo ever taken of Dakota when she arrived with her friend, Bella, at the rescue. Bella has a wonderful furever home too and her mommy also volunteers at the rescue!!


My first night in my furever home!


When I realized my mommy is a photographer...and what that means for me!


I did get to sit on this cool couch though!


Me and my new sister and brother, Morgan and Winston!


A lazy afternoon in the grass...which is really cool.  They don't have grass in shelters and puppy mills.


My first time playing in the snow!


My first Christmas...in my Christmas dress!


Me and Winston.  I just love him!


Me and my daddy.  I love him too!


Me and Winston again...we've both had about enough of the photos here.


My first dinner date with Luka.  My friend Amy took this photo of us!


I like fluffy stuff!


Me and Morgan.  She's a princess!

VPups130213-4-Edit-2 My first Valentine's Day!


My first St. Patrick's Day!


My first Easter.  Misha even got in on the fun.


Backpacking at Homestead Park.  See my little backpack!!  I carried my own treats!


Me at work.  A storm was coming, and I didn't think it was very funny to be outside!


Pearls and sparklies and purple!


Our ATV ride for Kyler Doonan's birthday!


I love my bubby!


My first Cinco de Mayo...not my favorite holiday...

Dakota130112-5-Edit Just me...cuz mommy and daddy love me that way!

This is my life now, but it could have been much different.  Thousands of pups just like me and all the pups at shelters and rescues live their entire lives in misery...and when they are no longer valuable or there is no room for them, they are killed.  But if they are lucky, they are saved by caring rescue groups and no-kill shelters.  You can help by speaking up against puppy mills, back yard breeders and animal abuse!!  Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate!  BE THAT SOMEBODY!

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Morgan, Speaking for the Abandon Ones http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/morgan-speaking-for-the-abandon-ones My name is Morgan.  I was born some time in June/July of 2011 in Missouri.  My brothers and sisters...5 of us...where put in a box and abandoned along a highway at @ 8 weeks old!  A really nice man found us and drove us 3 hours to the border of KS/MO to meet a C.A.R.E transport to Colorado! The nice people who drove the transport, Angelique and Chris, decided to foster me and one of my brothers.  Angelique is a photographer and she took some really pretty pictures of me that my new daddy saw.  Daddy, mommy and my new sister and brother, Delilah and Winston, came to meet me.  Winston just loved me and...boom...I found my forever home!  Angelique and Chris ended up adopting my brother, Asher, and their friends adopted my other brother, Ivan. 

We could have died in that box from thirst and hunger or traffic...and many abandoned pups do.  I could have ended up with serious health issues, but I was lucky.  Now I'm speaking up for those pups who aren't so lucky...who aren't found in time...who don't find their forever homes.  Abandoning a dog in the middle of nowhere is not acceptable. 


Me at just 9 weeks old!


My foster mommy.  She really loves me!


My foster daddy.  He loves me too!


Me and my daddy coming home for the first time!


Me and my bubby, Winston, walking around my new front yard! (I have since torn it all up! :-) )


My bubby and me!

W&M110921-6 I love my bubby!


I love to lay in the grass!


Winston, me and Delilah...she's gone to the Rainbow Bridge now.  :-(


The point where I realized my mommy is a photographer...and I'm doomed!


My first bath!  I hated it...so did Winston!


Easter treats!


A nice day on the deck with my toy!


Not amused!


Me and my real brother, Ivan!


Me and my other real brother, Asher.  My foster mommy made me that bandana!


Me and my daddy on my 1st birthday!


Halloween...much less amused that with the boots!


I see you!


Dakota, me and Winston...family!

This is the life and family I never would have had if I hadn't been lucky and found by a very nice human.  How many pups are never found...or not found in time?  Please let the world know that it isn't OK to abandon a dog anywhere.  Take responsibility to have your pups spayed and neutered...don't create the problem!


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Dakota, the Diva - Pet Expo Fashion Show 2013 http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/dakota-the-diva---pet-expo-fashion-show-2013 I was in a fashion show at the Pet Expo.  I wore a pretty, purple polka dot dress with a big bow the back and a matching leash!  Mommy loved it, so she bought it for me.  All the pups in the show are National Mill Dog Rescue alumni or current residents.  We are all puppy mill survivors!  We're not damaged.  We're not 'broken'.  We're all stars!  We're awesome!

Here are some of the photos of everyone in the fashion show:

In the dressing room before the show:

My pretty purple dress.


And now for the show!!

My entrance on stage.

TPD_7259 Move to stage left.

Come on, Jeni!  Stage left!!

lr155_1224 Move to center stage.


Move to stage right...now the 'Magnum' look!
Dang it, Jeni!  We're doing stage right!  Hold on!

Oh, paparazzi...and 'vogue'!

062 Estrella-0641 Mindy's tail is going so fast, the camera couldn't even freeze it!

She's a 'pose center stage and turn' type of girl.

This is Lil Olive.  She's famous.


This is Lizzy.  She's famous too.  She was in a movie showing her walking on grass for the first time!

She did a move to center stage, turn and walk left to show off her pretty pink dress.

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Winston, A Voice Against BSL http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/winston-a-voice-against-bsl My name is Winston.  I was born at the Denver Animal Shelter on Thanksgiving Day 2010.  I was scheduled to be euthanized the next day with my brothers and sister because someone thought I 'might be part pit bull', which is illegal in Denver because of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)!  My whole family was saved by a rescue in Colorado Springs where there are no such stupid laws.  My mother, siblings and I were all adopted by wonderful forever families.  I am loved, but that all could have been taken away when I was 1 day old!!  


Me and my siblings.  I'm in the upper right with my paw on my sister, Gracie.

Comet8 Me at just 6 weeks old.  This is the photo that won mommy and daddy's heart.

Daisy-Mom This is my mom, Daisy...not a pit bull at all!

New Home Mommy bringing me home!

Winston110116-442 I hadn't learned not to pull on the camera strap yet!

Contented Puppy My favorite spot in the whole world!

First Hike My very first hike on grandma's property!

Rock Hound My first real hike at Palmer Park...I love it!

Seepy Boy My warm, soft bed!

WinstonSchool110213-762 My siblings and me at 3 months old in Puppy Class.  Rockie, Gracie, me and Quinn.

DayWithDad Daddy always took me to work when I was a young pup!

PuppySchool110327-7-Edit Here we are again on graduation day at 4 months old.  Quinn, Gracie, Rockie & me.

PupReunion110611-49-Edit Siblings:  Gracie, me, Rockie & Monster at 7 months old!

RockyReunion110918-21 Me & Rockie at 9 months old just before he moved to the east coast.  I still hear from him, but would love to see him again!

Comet8-Edit Me at 1 year old!

Winston2Year Me at 2 years old.  Mommy tried to redo my baby photo, but...

ATVPups130420-4 Me riding an ATV for Kyler's 13th birthday.  He's a fan who races ATVs!

I wanted you to see a little bit of my life.  A life that might never have happened because of a prejudice against a breed of dog that results in their death!  Mommy says there are similar events like this in human history too.  I don't think either is fair.  Someone shouldn't be killed just because of how they were born without ever having a chance.  I'm actually part Boxer, which is what gave me a fat nose as a baby.  I hope they aren't outlawed one day.  

I say NO to BSL!!!

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Dakota's Work Day http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/dakotas-work-day Dakota was rescued from a kill shelter with 30-minutes left to live.  She is now one of the Mullis Pups and plays an important roll in my rescue photography.  You see, Dakota has the ability to make a scared, timid puppy mill survivor and rescue dogs calm down and feel a little more secure while I am taking their photos...the photos used to help them find their forever homes.  Not all of the pups need her to be there, but it makes a difference for the ones that do from having frightened looking, 'stiff' photos to something more natural...something that better shows how special each dog will be for that perfect family.  Below are some photos from our outdoor shoot with Fred, a Basset Hound.  My fellow rescue photographer was taking Fred's photos, and he is such a friendly guy that he really didn't need Dakota to help, so I entertained myself with this series of shots...and the imaginary story.



"Hey, mom, there's a storm coming!"


"Seriously?!  Do you really think we should be out here now?"


"I want to go in!  I'm not helping Fred with his posing! He lacks talent anyway!"


"OK, I tried to talk to him like you wanted and he's not listening.  Let's go in!"


"I don't want to work anymore.  I want to go inside...there is a storm coming!!!"


"I can't hear you!  I'm getting low so I don't blow away and closing my eyes to avoid the flying debris!!"


"Seriously!!  Are you not getting the impending danger here!!"


"Be quiet, Fred!  You're like 80lbs...you don't have to worry about being blown away!"


"I mean it, Fred!  I'm about to come over there and go all kinds of tiny crazy on you!!"


"No!  I'm not helping him!  He thinks he knows everything already...he doesn't even look at the camera! Amateur!"


"Do you see that big thing?  It could blow over on me at any moment!! What is that anyway?"


"Oh, hey, the sun's back out!  Ahh, I need to work on my tan!  I'm getting ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille!"

















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Ava & Eddie, The Fox Hounds http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/ava-eddie-the-fox-hounds UPDATE:  Eddie was adopted by his rehab team and lives a life of luxury at the Harmon Hound Hut.  He has two canine siblings and an acre to run on...when he's not going on hiking or RV adventures!  Ava was adopted by a wonderful family and now has a human sister who she adores.  She goes on daily runs and gets to visit Eddie when the family has to travel for work.  She is so much improved that most people are unaware of her traumatic past.


Ava and Eddie are two Fox Hounds who came to a rescue group after living in horrible conditions at a facility in Oregon...it was reported to be a hoarding case.  They immediately went into the rehab program so trained dog behaviorists could work with them to help them over their many fears and insecurities.  They've come a long way since they arrived in December 2012.  They were so scared and confused that they would bite anyone who tried to get near them, but look at them today!

Ava-Edit Ava-12-Edit Ava-15-Edit Ava-17-Edit Eddie-6-Edit Eddie-Edit AvaEddie-Edit AvaEddie-2-Edit Ava-20-Edit Ava-21-Edit Ava-19-Edit Ava-18-Edit Ava-22 Eddie-4-Edit

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Dobby the Iggy http://wadadugadesigns.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/dobby-the-iggy This is Dobby.  He is a 6 year old Italian Greyhound who spent his entire life in a puppy mill.  Ironically, the same pit of despair from which Lily, the inspiration for the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR), was saved!!  Dobby is a gentle soul who will need time to overcome the horrors of his life in the puppy mill...and gain some much needed weight.  He has lost some teeth, which causes his little tongue to hang out, and while cute, is a stark testament to his lack of medical treatment.  Now in the loving care of the volunteers at NMDR, he will get the medical care he needs, good food, a warm bed and most importantly love!  

UPDATE:  Dobby has been adopted into a wonderful family and will have Iggy siblings to keep him company!!  He will be making the journey to his new home at the end of May 2013.  Follow him and his journey at:  https://www.facebook.com/AllThingsDobby


Dobby with his new collar sent by his forever mom!

Dobby-Edit Dobby-5-Edit Dobby-Edit Dobby-6-Edit

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